Uptime guarantees: important indicator for choosing a host


Whenever you are comparing various offerings, uptime guarantees can be one of the easiest indicators to review. Uptime plays a key role because international sites can attract target audiences from around the world and it’s vital for sites to stay online 24/7.

Today, the industry’s norm is around 99.95% with almost all providers delivering on this benchmark indicator. And if you are just starting your journey online, you can pick an offering from a provider who assures this target. However, some of the premium accounts promise a 99.99% value or even a higher one, in return asking for a higher fee. These offerings aren’t a must-have for a brand new site.

For those of you who might want to check things for yourself, here’s two ways to measure the uptime promised by the provider.

How to measure uptime

First, you can use server monitoring tools with most of such programs available for free.

Second, you can look for reviews on specific hosting providers that usually include the uptime charts which you can peruse.