What is the difference between shared and VPS hosting?


Today, most hosting providers offer 3 types of services: shared, VPS and VDS hosting. These can be seen as upgrades on top of each other with the shared being the first stage and VPS the second.

Let’s compare the two regarding the 4 major differentiating factors.


Shared plans are the cheapest, while VPS (virtual personal server) costs more.

Scale of your site

You can always start your journey with the shared plan, but at some point the hosting provider will let you know that it’s time to upgrade to VPS because the shared’s resources aren’t sufficient for you anymore.

Size of your site

Some sites are just personal CVs online, whereas others are ecommerce stores. The easy ones are OK with the shared hosting, but any ecommerce store (even the one with 3 products) should always pair off with a VPS option because it’s more secure and protects personal financial details you’re going to process.

Amount of traffic

If you have (or plan to have) lots of visitors, VPS is the only option. For a lower-traffic site, the shared hosting is a good option to pick.