Server reliability and uptime: vital parameters for choosing hosting


Whenever you are shopping for hosting, you’re bound to see lots of versatile offerings on the market with all kinds of indicators and features being touted as a must-have. But, when you boil the whole thing down to the essentials, you’ll end up with uptime as probably the most important indicator outside the performance-related gauges.

Most of the providers today offer an uptime guarantee for around 99.95% which is slowly turning into a new norm. This is a good enough indicator for any newbie project. So, if you love the offering in front of you with this level of uptime guarantee, go for it.

How to measure uptime

You might be wondering – quite justifiably – as to how you can measure the actual uptime that the hosting providers vouch for.

There are two ways to do that.

First, you can read reviews for a specific host online, looking for uptime charts in those.

Second, you can use specific server monitoring tools. Many of these solutions are available for free.