Your hosting needs: important factor when choosing a web host


Whenever you are starting to look for the perfect hosting plan that will help you in your online journey, you should first determine the underlying needs that your site will have, both today and within 1 year from now.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself what kind of business you are going to build (blog, ecommerce store, video sharing platforms), what technologies you’ll want to implement (PHP, Python or something more exquisite) and what kind of traffic are you expecting to magnet.

Amount of traffic is key

Now that you’ve identified some of the major requirements, try thinking about the traffic you’ll need to process within 1 year. Depending on what you see in the cards, you should choose the shared hosting for lower traffic, VPS for medium-level traffic and VDS for bigger projects.

In this way, you’ll ease up into your first online project, able to launch the MVP fast. And even though some teams might pitch you a higher-cost VPS solution with lots of whistles and blows, you don’t actually need that and a good-ol’ shared option will meet all of your needs.