What is unmanaged hosting?


If you are looking for a hosting plan, you’ll find lots of versatile offerings on the market. All of them are also divided into managed and unmanaged types. With the managed option, your provider deals with almost all of the technical questions and tasks that your web project might generate. While the unmanaged hosting gives you the freedom you need to develop more complex projects where you need to code on your own.

Benefits of unmanaged plans

First, hosts charge less for unmanaged plans as compared to managed ones.

Second, you get the full root access to all of the server architecture underpinning your website. Thus, it’s easy to configure things just as you want them, and you can always implement any kind of changes without any problem.

Third, you get access to a control panel where you can conveniently manage everything that’s going on at your site.

All in all, an unmanaged plan is for those teams who have a well-qualified administrator on board. Otherwise, you’ll face off with building the server architecture from scratch, which is an insurmountable task for a person who’s new to website development.