What is the difference between managed and unmanaged hosting?


Today, there’s such a big number of hosting options on the market that folks lose their way around. But, basically, you should choose the shared hosting for smaller projects, VPS for medium ones and VDS for big stuff. All of those plans are also divided into the managed vs. unmanaged options. When you decide on the type, it’s all about how much technical skills you have.

Tech Skills

If you know your way around the servers, you should always go for an unmanaged plan from your hosting provider. In this way, you’ll continue learning, always able to configure the server-side of your online business just the way you want it to be, to the smallest details.

For folks just starting up on your foray into WWW, pick the managed plan. Here, you’ll get all the support and pampering from your provider’s team. They’ll answer all your questions and help with any challenges on your way.


Managed plans always cost less, but you can’t do servers on your own if you launch your first site.

But if you know your servers, you’ll also save a bit too by picking the unmanaged hosting package.