What is managed hosting?


Today, there’s a lot of various hosting plans, available for your site. And all of those options can also be provided in the two formats: managed and unmanaged.

With the managed pack, your hosting provider takes care of most technical issues and tasks which relate to your online presence. Such plans would cost more but they will take out a lot of headache from your operations which is very useful if you are just starting to learn about the sites and don’t want to spend hours upon hours researching server-side programming.

Benefits of managed hosting plans

First, you don’t have to think about any maintenance tasks your site might require. The team with the hosting provider will work on all of them for free.

Second, your host will make sure that your site is fully secure and protected against hacking attacks.

Third, there’s always a live chat with folks ready to answer all of your questions and help find solutions to your unique challenges.

All in all, a managed pack is the best option for a new smaller website with the owner having little technical skills on their hands.